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Lawn Maintenance & Irrigation Services in Tampa, Florida

Rainbow Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance Inc. offers a wide range of landscaping services, from initial designs to maintenance. Simply let us know what you want to see in your yard and our contractors make it happen. Contact us today for an estimate on any of our services.

Landscaping Services:

• Designing Landscapes
• Planting Flowers
• Replacing Sod
• Laying Dirt
• Mulching
• Laying Seed & Sod

• Planting Grass
• Potting Soil

• Plugging Sod
• Planting Shrubs & Trees

Complete Lawn Maintenance
When you don't have time to cut the grass, let our landscape contractors do it for you. Residential and commercial lawn care services are provided on a weekly basis to ensure your yard looks its best. Services include:

• Cutting Grass • Edging • Trimming Plants • Weeding

• Blowing Drives

Sprinkler, Irrigation Services in Tampa, FL

Expert Irrigation Services
Plants can't grow without water, so make sure you have a fully functioning irrigation system. We check systems to make sure they are watering all parts of your lawn. When needed, repairs are provided to replace broken or missing heads, as well as fix low water pressure and leaks.

A Word from the Owner
I started in the industry 35 years ago working for other businesses. In 1985, I had the opportunity to start my own business, and Rainbow Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance Inc. was born. Due to the hard work and dedication of our staff, the company has been growing ever since.
A fresh, beautiful landscape is yours when you choose our Tampa, Florida, contractors for lawn maintenance and irrigation services.